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soft citrus



Navels are the earliest maturing of orange varieties and produce seedless fruit of larger size compared to other cultivars. They have a deep orange colour, peel easily and have a rich, sweet and pleasant flavour. Varieties include: Palmer, Fisher, Fukumoto, Washington, Mclains, Newhalls, Lina’s and Lane Late.
The Navelate is harvested after the Navel, but prior to the Valencia types. The Navelate is highly sought after in export markets due to outstanding brix levels.  The main varieties include Witkrans, Cambria and the Dan Sweet (Carninka). The Navelate is smaller and sweeter than the navel, and has a smaller and often concealed navel.
cara cara navel
The Cara Cara owes its pigmented (red) flesh colour to the presence of lyco, the same pigment responsible for the flesh colour of Star ruby grapefruit.
witkrans navel Closely related to the Cambria navel, this orange is round, but just as sweet as the Cambria navel.
cambria (navelate)
This fruit has a distinct oval shape and originates from the Cambria area in the Gamtoos Valley. The skin is orange and the overall sugar content is very high. Cambrias are not vulnerable to creasing like the Palmer navel variety. They mature just before Midknights and usually arrive late in the season within the overseas market where they are extremely sought after.
valencia The fruit are roundish-oblong in shape with a well-coloured and  moderately thin rind of smooth, sometimes finely pebbled, texture. Midnights often substitute Valencias in the Gamtoos Valley.
midknight Of unknown origin, this cultivar's potential was only recognized in the 1970’s. Its improved characteristics include an exceptionally high juice percentage, better flavour, near seedlessness and a significantly larger fruit. Midknights mature two to four weeks earlier than the Valencia but hold on the tree just as late.
delta The Delta has a lower sugar content and acidity than the standard Valencia and reaches maturity one to three weeks earlier.

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soft citrus
satsuma This is the first maturing Soft Citrus cultivar of the season. Satsumas are seedless, sweet and include varieties such as Miho Wase, Miyagawa, Kuno and Owari.
clementine Clementines are a very sweet reddish cultivar that is almost seedless with excellent eating qualities!
nova The Nova is a medium sized mandarin with an appealing red/orange rind.  The internal quality is very good  with juicy segments and a deep orange colour.
affourers This soft citrus variety's size is medium to large with an orange to red flesh. They are sweet and have practically no seeds which makes them a favourite amongst international export clients.

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star ruby The pigmented Star Ruby grapefruit is almost seedless, rarely having more than one or two seeds in a minority of fruit. It has an extremely thick rind, very high juice content and a sweeter flavour than the Marsh variety. Due to its late maturity, good quality fresh grapefruit can be packed well after the traditional Northern and Eastern production areas.

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eureka The majority of our lemon exports are Eurekas. Their rind thickness is medium to thin and the fruit has a high acidity level. They are mostly seedless.

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apples Apples
braeburn Green-yellow, with orange stripes, with cream coloured flesh and aromatic, half-sweet taste.
A big super-sweet apple, with a reddish pink colour and very good flavour
golden delicious Green yellow skin with visible lenticels, a green-white flesh and aromatic sweet taste
granny smith Grass green but sometimes develop a pink blush in cold conditions. White flesh colour with a refreshing, tart taste.
pink lady/cripps pink A 40 to 60% bright pink blush overlies a green and gold background, Crisp and firm flesh, with high sugars and distinctive aromatic flavour.
royal gala Green-yellow skin with bright red stripes, a cream flesh colour and the taste is aromatic and sweet
sundowner Striking red, slightly cone shaped, creamy white flesh with tart and fragrant flavour. High sugars are balanced by high acid
top red Distinctive lenticels on full red background, Cream white flesh with sweet taste.

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early sweet An early sweet, white, seedless grape. Thanks to its unique Muscat flavor combined with its productiveness and long shelf life, it has become a leading variety in today's market.
flame A seedless red grape which has become very popular within recent years and common on most supermarket shelves. The medium sized berries are sweet, with a slight hint of sharpness giving a nice balance of flavour.
sugraone A slightly elongated green grape with a mild muscat flavour, sweet and low in acids. This is a grape with a good crunchy texture when eaten, and usually quite irresistible when at its best.
regal This early white seedless variety was formerly known as Regent seedless, and has attractive oval berries, with loose bunches and a good shelf life
alphonse A dark-skinned grape variety used both as a table grape and as a wine grape. The clusters are attractive with a deep colour and a simple flavour.
sunred This red grape is a mid season variety. It has medium-sized, oval berries, with compact bunches.
thompson/sultana A white grape that has been the mainstay of the seedless grape industry for many years. At it’s best it is irresistibly sweet and delicious, but can be slightly tart in the early season. An elongated berry, with an attractive pale green-yellow skin, and no rudimentary seeds
autumn royal Autumn Royal is a late-season black grape. It has large, elongated purple-black berries with a crunchy skin, firm texture and a pleasant, distinctive flavour. It is generally seedless with attractive, translucent yellow-green flesh. However, under some seasonal circumstances, Autumn Royal can develop a seed ‘trace’ which can be visible, but usually not detectable through ‘mouth-feel’
crimson Crimson is a slightly elongated light red grape with high levels of sweetness and an attractive flavour. At it’s peak it is crisp and firm, and is popular with supermarkets due to it’s excellent storage capability.
barlinka The berries are round to oval, purple-black in colour and dense in the bunch.  Barlinka has a sweet, crisp taste
dauphine Dauphine was developed at Dien Donné in South Africa, and originated from open pollinated progeny of Almeria. It was released to growers in 1984. The name Dauphine is French for princess. This white grape has large, oval berries, with compact bunches. It is a late variety, which ripens towards the end of March

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